Follow the @accra curation trail and earn daily rewards.

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How to earn with @accra.

Hello steemians, hope we all doing well. I wanna talk about you can earn a little extra from @accra easily. If you aren't on SteemAuto already, click here to register. If you've already registered, stay with me a moment as I show you how to earn with @accra. There are 2 ways to earn with @accra on SteemAuto, i.e. Curation Trail and Fanbase.

So let's begin;

Login/Sign In to SteemAuto
Screenshot (4).png


  1. Go to Curation Trail, scroll down and type accra in the box and click search.
    Screenshot (7).png

  2. Click Follow and when prompted, click ok.
    Screenshot (9).png

That is it. You start earning from posts that @accra upvotes.


  1. After you login to SteemAuto, Click on Fanbase.
    Screenshot (12).png

  2. Enter accra in the search box and click follow.
    Screenshot (11).png

You are done. Your account automatically start upvoting @accra posts and you earn from the curation.

Please leave a comment and I will get back to you if you encounter any challenges, or have any questions.


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Thanks a lot @accra for this post. I, for one, really needed it.

What password is steemauto asking for would that be my Steemit password? @masterroshi and @accra #wafrica.

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