KryptoGamers | MagicDice Killer? Possibly…

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This site has positioned itself to be the leading casino dapp on the steem blockchain, and that is not an exaggeration. The development team is outstanding, with great communication and have just been working away in the background to deliver a stellar product. MagicDice has the first movers advantage, with an already established gaming base, but KryptoGamers is showing some stiff competition. The proof is in the play, so experience it for yourself and give it a try here :

Comment below with a screenshot of your first play and I will randomly select someone to receive a 10 steem bonus transferred directly to your account! Below are my thoughts on why KryptoGamers will be the best out there.

What Makes KryptoGamers Better?

  • THE GAMES - Dice has been done, over and over again. However, any sustainable gaming platform needs variety and something that players actually enjoy. KryptoGamers is the first to offer blackjack! Not only that, but there are also plans to release video poker next. Video poker is considered one of, if not the most, popular game for casinos. This is extremely exciting because, with optimal play, players actually have an advantage to the house edge with video poker.

  • THE TEAM - The developers are very active and transparent! Literally, all the other casinos on the steem blockchain have a difficult time communicating, are slow to respond to issues and some are downright scammy. KryptoGamers development team has been easy to get a hold of, ready to answer questions, proactive in fixing bugs, and always willing to refund upon any proven issues.

  • THE COMMUNITY - The volume has grown over 11 times in the last two weeks alone. The player base is strong and growing fast. Remember, the more players, the more dividends, the more development, the faster we can reach more people for steem adoption in general!

  • THE TOKEN - The dividend structure and token model are among the best I have ever seen. All of that, on top of an actual tradable token, make this something special. Full details below.

Start playing now :

GAMER Token Features

  • Transparent
    Since GAMER token is created with Steem Smart Contracts through Steem Engine, any transaction related to a GAMER token can be verified and accessed by anyone.
  • Transferable
    All GAMER tokens are transferable. This means you can send or receive GAMER tokens from your friends and family right from the start.
  • Tradable
    All GAMER tokens are tradable with STEEM through the Steem Engine internal exchange. Last Traded Price at the time of writing this post is 0.001 STEEM.
  • Dividends
    All GAMER tokens are entitled to receive dividends arising from the profits generated by the platform. 70% of the profits will be distributed in the form of dividends to all our community token holders. Our Dividend system will launch in the next 2-3 weeks. All community token holders will start receiving dividends as per their share of STAKED tokens right from the day of the dividend launch. More information regarding staking will be announced in the next post.
  • Steem Keychain Support
    GAMER Tokens is easily accessible via the TOKENS section in the Steem Keychain. You can view your current balance, transfer tokens or access your transaction history directly in your steem keychain wallet from your browser.

Start playing now :

Let me know what you think in the comments below, happy to answer questions and discuss strategies!

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Sorry but this site is no where near as good as magic dice, its slow and clunky, it looks like it was designed in the early 2000s, The only thing this site is currently good for is trying to gain refferals as most people on steem already use magic dice - the game what has already payed out nearly 200000 steem dividends.

Next Dividends Payout
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I'm with you, I have over 2 million magic tokens And it's the first platform to prove itself… But dice can only go so far. They are going to have to develop and change or be left behind with new applications like this coming out.


They have a new game coming out soon, They mentioned it in discord - it will either be a crash game like moonsteem or a lottery most likely.

However if you look at on EOS it looks very very similar to magicdice and i suspect we will soon see alot more games. So far they have done nothing but deliver.


Both of those are not innovative enough… The only reason people are playing is to accumulate the token, these platforms need to focus on players and what is actually fun. I think there's room for everyone and I think magic has delivered, but it's about Who can do it best.


I agree those would not be my choices, roulette would be along with poker - but i see a future where there is the choice of many games just like any online casino - i think most are playing to accumulate tokens on all of the gambling dapps right now - but there is also plenty of people willing to double or nothing with their steem just because they can. Its a lot better than a traditional online casino!




Im so bored of crash games! they should do cards games and a horse race game hahahahha

This blockchain is a good few months behind on the games so its like we have a crystal ball :)

I tried it. Two observations:

  1. It is slower than MAgicDice
  2. MagicDice offers uprolling and downrolling and it does not.

Team need to consider these issues.


Agreed on both fronts, I don't seem to notice the slower role, to be honest I think it's faster for me. But not be able to pick up or down Is a little annoying. Thanks for using my link and the feedback!

Word im ready for that video poker


I know, me too!

I have heard of this, though sorta forgot about it until you mentioned it, so thanks for the reminder. Will go play once I get off work LOL!

I've no luck when it comes to gambling but this is still interesting.

I wonder. I will try to it. I wish I win :)

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That's another post you're looking for. You can find lots and lots of information on that.

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I can confirm that this site is really nice!

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Glad you think so!

It’s a good game , bet fortune is too important

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But KryptoGamers stiil haven't bit, but Magic Dice has mobile bot with wich you can play even on your smartphone.

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Can't wait on the moment that they will start to pay out the divs. That could increase the interest in the platform.
It is great that they are offering also the blackjack game! Curious when they will release the video poker game.