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RE: To vote yourself up, or not to vote yourself up, that's the question.

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

I don't like too many rules and regulations so I'm fine with individuals choosing to upvote or not their own posts and comments. Until I read your post on this I hadn't checked to see if others have been upvoting their own but now I've done a quick search and it seems most whales do this. It's probably one of the reasons they are whales, and that's fine with mini-minnow me as long as I get a piece of the rest of their big Steem pie. I don't think I've ever, other than my default setting introductory post, upvoted my own post or comment, but I like having that option if I want to exercise the opportunity in the future.
Thanks for posting this, great to read others opinions on this.


This. I also dont upvote myself, but wouldnt shun anyone for doing it. More regulatians would also mean more complications later on when you try to make a case for every situation. I just think its not worth it.