Are We At The Door to WWIII?

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Thursday night, the US killed IRGC Commander Soleimani in an airstrike near a Baghdad airport. What does this mean? WWIII and World War 3 have been trending on Twitter since the event happened as people are concerned about what will come next. At the time of writing the article, WWIII is number one with 1.86 million tweets on the subject. So what does happen next?


Several times over the last few years there have been "scares" like this. Not long ago, the US struck a base in Syria and everyone thought WWIII would start with Russia due to the event. While hundreds went around chanting that WWIII was at hand, nothing happened from it. Let's not also forget how everyone thought WWIII would happen because of North Korea and the USA going back and forth with threats and missile testing, Trump even gloating about his big red nuclear button. Still, nothing. Iran has lost a key leader and strategist, so what will their steps be next?

The Supreme leader threatened consequences, which may not be directly on US soil, but could be in Israel. While Iran doesn't stand much a chance against the US, they have recently had military drills with Russia and China, which could make them a large threat. What their next step is can be anyone's guess, while it isn't smart to jump to conclusions, it isn't smart to rule out the possibility either. The Ecumenical Order of Christ has been warning people of World War III for years and this could very well be the final straw before the match is struck and the world goes ablaze. Are you prepared?

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