SteemDeepThink - Coming Soon!

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I'm really excited to be partnered with a group of people in founding the group @SteemDeepThink. We are just about ready to go live with an open invitation to the Steemit community!

Our hope is to gather together a group of people excited about the humanities - philosophy, education, history, religion, etc. @SteemDeepThink is on the hunt for Steemit writers who are putting in time and effort toward writing quality content. With a growing collective of writers, it will be easier for many to find a community of like-minded individuals within Steemit.

I don't want to say too much, but we have been hard at work in preparations for the invitation. Be on the lookout for an upcoming resteem of @SteemDeepThink's opening post!


would love to participate:
I am frustrated lately in finding good authors and a "goto" profile for non-trivial writing about interesting topics.
Myself I write under the umbrella of the idea-economy. But that requires me to explore psychology, economy, skills, marketing, creativity, education and a bunch of others I forget.
I will write a roadmap post that explains the frame work and relevant links. will edit this comment to include it when done.

Yes! Users like you are exactly who we are catering to. It is a shame that Steemit doesn't yet have built-in communities, making it easier for people to connect with each other under relevant tags. In the meantime, we see and experience the need, so are moving forward with this project.

While groups like @curie, @minnowsupport, and @steemtrail are excellent groups, they are really looking for quality writers as a whole, in any category. While this is great (Steemit needs good writers!), it can still be hard to find like-minded individuals that write about the things you care about. That's where we see our role, focusing on the humanities.

As I mentioned above, we will be resteeming the first post from @SteemDeepThink within a few days. I know some people tend to ignore resteems, so I wanted to get the word out for others to be ready.

Here is my first curation library post, would love to have your input on posts or writers that might fit. All still very crude of course need better categories and formatting etc.

Interesting.i'll follow to check :)

Thanks! It looks like we're going live tomorrow. Be on the lookout!

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Referred here by a comment on my introductory post (check it out if you like!)
Am definitely interested!