Don't take curation rewards for granted! You can get 20%+ annual ROI!

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It can be easy to dismiss the few cents you get as a curation reward for your upvote, but you need to remember that your cents add up!

I'm not a whale or dolphin by any means. At the moment of writing this, I have about 650 Steem Power in my account. But when checking my weekly curation rewards, I noticed that my estimated curation rewards last week were $2.474 SP. Multiply that out by 52 weeks, and it comes to $128.648 SP.

That is an annual growth of 19.8%!!!

This is double or triple what typical investors look for in an investment!

On top of that, this simple calculation doesn't even include daily compounding. If you check your account daily, and add the funds to your Steem Power, the percentage rate will only go up.

Even further - if you are long on the price of Steem going up, the investment is even more worthwhile.


Using Streemian

I currently use Streemian to follow a curation trail, so I don't even have to worry about getting all my votes in each day. And since the curation still leaves me at around 80% voting power, I still have reserves to upvote content that I find manually.

So, if you follow a curation trail like @SteemTrail or @Curie, you can do a great service to the community overall, while still increasing the value of your account.


Using SteemVoter

@SteemVoter is another service I am currently looking into. (See my previous post: Here you can select a custom list of user accounts you want to upvote. It is essentially creating your own curation trail, investing in the users you want to support.

Getting your feedback

I know that I am only one user, and I haven't mined the data to see what others are getting as a return on their Steem Power investment. I would be very interested to see what annual ROI you are getting through curation. If you're doing better than 20%, I'd be very interested in hearing what you do for curation.



Curators are just as important to the Steem community as creators! As a community we use our votes to grow the platform and incentivize good, original content to be continuously created. Without people taking the time to read and curate quality content, Steem would cease to exist. Please take the time to evaluate content before you upvote and remember you are providing proof of work with your vote.

Yes, I would agree to not blindly follow any curation trail. Make sure that whoever you follow, you are in alignment with their direction. I'm a big fan of trails that look to promote quality under-valued posts (and the people that create them!).

That is what I love about Steem. It takes the conundrum of subjective value and lays it bare. Nothing has intrinsic value, no matter how many resources it took to create. The value of anything, posts or people, is curated by this community.

Very nice. I'm learning more about curation because I've been getting more and more, but not sure how he process goes. I'm starting to see the power in curation.

Yes, it starts out small, but as you invest more into the Steemit community, it will only grow!

thank you so much for this wonderful insight on how curations works, my account is a few days old from making this post so this really help me out a lot , thanks again and i also followed you and upvoted

That's very interesting. Didn't think it was actually that profitable as I just got into steemit. Seems to me that commenting (actually interesting comments) is the best way to engage and interact with the community, while earning a nice sum :)

Yes, authentic comments that contribute even more to the Steemit community are the most valuable. Of course, the profit will be relative to your Steem Power as it grows. For those in it only for the money (not you), it will probably feel like a losing battle. It definitely helps to find something you love and keep writing about it. Over time, you will gain followers, and your posts and upvotes will become more and more valuable.

This is a bit tangential, but you seem like a guy who understands steemit. Is there a calculator out there to determine what your up vote is worth given a certain SP. If I add 1,000SP to my account, what will my upvote be worth? It fluctuate, I imagine, based on the value of STEEM. I have looked for the answer , but only find older answers, which I doubt work post the last hard fork.. Thanks for the help.

Actually, I just found what you are looking for:

@penguinpablo created the site above, and releases a daily Steemit report with Steem price changes, new users added, new content created, etc. It's a really helpful report if you want to know the overall health of the Steemit site. I would recommend following him.

That's exactly what I was looking forward (the very tiny calculator in the corner for anyone else who is following). Interesting that my up vote is still only $7.50 if I put in 50k. Thank you for your help.

Although only $7.50 is still a really good return on investment! At 10 upvotes per day, that's $75 total per day, $27,375 per year. More than 50% of what you invested! I know there are more factors to the algorithm based on time upvoted, other users to distribute rewards, and the overall popularity of the post you voted for, but the money still does add up quick.

There may be something out there, but I don't know of anything. (Let me know if you find something!)

You could probably figure out by trial and error. Find out your voting power on, then watch to see how much your vote is worth at different voting percentages. Make sure you are adding your vests to the calculation.

You know that your vests will give you a constant value per upvote when voting at 100%. The only thing that changes is your voting power, which lessens each time you vote.

Maybe something like this: [current # of vests] * [current voting power] * X (unknown amount a vest is worth) = $[dollar amount when upvoted]

I haven't tried this myself, so maybe the algorithm is more complex than that. But if a vest (steem power) holds a constant value, this would figure it out.