Introducing SteemFollower - Looks like a positive addition to the wide range of Steem tools

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SteemFollower - Increase upvotes and followers!

(I upvote all comments on my Blogs) A new tool just released which could mean more visibility to your Posts and a chance to earn more from them. This looks promising for minnows, to grow their followers and gain more votes.

Join here and spread the word to your followers!


Worth a try - it's free!



How will this new tool perform? Who knows, we'll just have to try it and see if it's worthwhile. Join here and spread the word!

Thanks for reading



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Great stuff dude.
I just registered in 2 minutes, another great initiative.
Thanks for posting this information buddy.
Steem on.


No worries, just spotted it this morning so it's new to me. Has to be worth a shot though!


Like you said, nothing to lose dude.

I completely agree! looks like a great idea!


There's nothing to lose, i was up and running in 5 minutes - lets see!

wow.. this seem great.. i've join already... how can i get upvote or followed with that? i mean where can i put my link? is't automatically link to my account @abh12345?




You have signed up? I think the up-votes will come when you use the tool to up-vote. I'm still learning so will report what i find!


ohw i see... well as of now i keep upvoting some... as i read the instuctions .. Lol

very nice post. but, when I try to login I got an error when trying to authorize to steemconnect. error message appear like this: Application error
An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details.


Yes I'm getting the same currently, hopefully it'll be back up soon!


hope it will be back soon. thank you for sharing

great idea!

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Thank you


hello discordia
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but i no get upvote on my post. Please upvote or refund me


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yeah err thanks. Its not my application and worked ok in its younger days. This post is 6 months old.