Little Angel ,my brother ,my love ,my life

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My little cute cousin ,his sweet name is Honey he is just 1.5 year old ,when he was born that was the great day of our life ,a great blessing from God for us , when we heard his first crying voice outside the operation theater ,,we all shouted with excitement with tears of happiness ...ahhhh what was that beautiful moment ,never forget :)


He was very soft ,fluffy when i touched him first time like little tady bear lolx :)
Our days and nights just started passing around him ,he filled our deserted life with beautiful colors of love and happiness,he is very naughty ,soon he made his place in everyone's heart ,due to his naughtiness nature :P

Now he started to speak in broken words ,we laughed when he speaks so funny ,so beautiful words ,he often makes self made songs lolx ..neighbors kids are just mad for this naughty baby ,when they come back from school they just run to play with Honey


He made our lives beautiful,In fact we all are enjoying our childhood in his naughtiness who just brighten our lives


You are my life,
You are my angel
Life without you
wouldn't be worth living.
When I'm mad at the world
I look into your beautiful eyes
and everything seems alright.
When I touch your fair soft skin
I suddenly come alive.
That's when I know
that out of all the little boys in the world
God sent you especially
to be my little brother.

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Sweet post, your cousin is also so cute!


thank you :)