AirDrop Bounty #3 Lets Join!! [ 💰KANADECOIN✔️ ]

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Hello My Beloved Steemian

"Malam Semuaa,,, Jangan Lupa Join Di Airdrop/Bounty kali ini yah, Semoga kalian beruntung dan mendapatkan tokennya secara gratis"

Rules!!!! Please Read


(Langkah 1)

Silahkan Isi semuanya [bitcointalk lewatin aja kalau ga punya] harus download Discord di Playstore lalu bikin akun discord!


(Langkah 2)

  1. Isi Eth anda [Imtoken ata MEW]
  2. Konfirmasi ETH anda lalu Copy kode
  3. join Discord Kanadecoin
  4. Copas Kode ente
  5. Follow Twitter kanadecoin lalu Retweet
  6. Bikin post Pakai id airdrop (di web sdh ada contohnya)
  7. Join Officiall Telegram
  8. isi Bitcointalk [Gak punya skip aja]
  9. Verifikasi lalu kirim
  10. Selesai

Nb : Yang gk punya akun Tinggal Skip aja Buruan!!!

Good Luck Steemian🖐️


Very easy airdrop to complete! Thanks for posting

Thanks for support + dont forget to upvote 🙏

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There will be a lot of interesting!

Thanks for support + dont forget to upvote 🙏

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