Hey hey, @turtledance24 (and daily, haha).
Really good job on the Webtoony paneling style!
I watched some of your videos several days ago.
Inspired me (technically, I guess) on how to do the panelings myself differently in the future! Was really hard finding resources out there on making comics look Webtoony, with the panel spacing, really!

Does make me quite curious to see the progression of this story too :)
See you around next time! :)

just buy a wacom dude. I also feared buying one coz of I thought it would take me for ever to learn it. Actually no, learning everything traditionally then transitioning to digital does take some time but its not that hard. Intuos is good, just bought mine for less than 6k pesos.

guess what, I just started using this wacom last july 15? Im not sure, but i know the prologue took me 4 days to do since I installed the intuos.

Oh, actually, I already have a Wacom! :P
The next step I'm considering is to get a screened Wacom (warrrg!) That would be totally awesome!

I think drawing in general is not too hard, and making comics in a page format is fine, I was having a bit of difficulties with panel layouts in a great expanse. Really liked how pre drew your panel and merged its layers (or at least that's how your way inspired me to remember) and THEN crop / do panel line arts after.

Like I said, there's not much info out there about this type of thing, since this is somewhat still a new format compared to pages, etc.

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That butterfly chasing intro was such a cool lead-in =D

Nice work, the layout and story progression is great

Nice! Not so familiar with webtoon style layout but seems good for reading on mobile :o

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