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RE: Hi my name is: Dave - Issue #2 by @cobmaximus

in #steemit-webcomics2 years ago

Hehehe it's pretty funny, and a great way to reveal the stache powahh! The comic panels are all nicely drawn and coloured.
I think the setup is fine as it is, don't really need to over exert yourself in background since it's a funny comic. I would focus on the joke and the script rather than art, like what you are doing here, but that's just my recommendation :).              
Congratulations for your curie vote :D.


That's a great advice! Yeah I've been focusing a little more on coloriy and backgrounds just to push myself a little more, but it also affects the time I end up spending to finish a comic. I'll have to find a balance on this, maybe do simpler comics but release arts with more detail on other posts

Thanks for all the kind words @scrawly

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