Steemit Webcomics Funny Comic Strip Contest Week #2: Clowns

in steemit-webcomics •  last year 

🎨Hello everyone! Here's my entry for the Funny Comic Contest hosted by @cobmaximus.

This was fun and difficult. Trying to come up with something funny and also just the drawing in general. It's still pretty tough drawing basic outlines and also more than once. I did this one in Krita trying to get more familiar with Krita's comic template. I also wanted to use text but for some reason I had a lot of trouble so I hope you can read it!

Hopefully I get better with practice, and faster!

Hopefully you like it, and so you know, no animal, child, or clown was harmed in the making of this comic.

Thanks for looking 😁

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Lol hahahah very funny! I love the panel where he opens the can with the spring lol.


Thanks! Ah man I just realized, I forgot some panels lol the whole reason I named him Buttercup was because Timmy was gonna get all teary eyed and the clown would be like, "Ah what are ya crying for, I didn't cry at your age, my parents would say suck it up buttercup" lol or something like that haha ah well.


lol what a jackass hahaha! love it!!! now this joke is like a behind the scenes :D

Darn you forgot to put in there “ suck it up buttercup”. That would have been a good punchline! Great imagination @renascence. I he’d seen this contest last night I was thinking of entering. Have fun!


These are great drawing practice, it is definitely way different than just working on one detailed drawing or painting, I was getting a little drawing fatigue most the way through. I'll get better lol. Yea I was trying to think of how to carry the story and by the end I forgot all about it oh well. You should join one of these @lildebbiecakes you have a great sense of humor! : )

‘’There ya go Champ, a snake”🤣👍🏼🔥
Your handwriting is away better than my chicken hand writing indeed🤔


Hahaha! Thanks :)