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This is my second attempt to take part in the comics contest Steemit Webcomics Funny Comic Strip Contest Week #12
In the first attempt I did not guess with the topic because I did not read the task well. :-) This time I hope for a positive casting)))))
Rules of competition can be read here

The theme is simple - outdoor activities. I again used the heroes Pinky And Spiky of the artist @organduo so I liked them. I still have difficulty drawing a hedgehog. It will be necessary to practice in its drawing separately.
1 part


2 part


And traditionally video




Жестоко! ))

я знал, что тебе понравится? :-))))))

Thats good work Mate!! Way to go. I work out so thats funny.

hahahaha this is very funny!!! overdoing a workout mught take you to the hospital.... better to chill out xD

That is clear without a word, @mister-omortson :))

antisocial advertising))))

Wow @mister-omortson your a winner! Fantastic you deserve it!

Just a second! :-(

In any case, we must conduct the ceremony!

Oscar is going... is going... going to...


At first I want to thank my mom and my dog Snoopy

thank yoy! thank you!)))))

This is sooooooooo hilarious, your so much fun, and love your sense of humor your awsome, and your art @mister-omortson is fantastic, hope to see more of it in the future friend!

You are a master... I want to see more of your comics please...

I like your ideas more like mine

Then I want to see your worst ideas...:))

Will you participate in the contest about the bear?

I plan to...

So cool, I just discovered this... Now if only bears could be funny...

Glad you liked it!
Now I am thinking about new contest - 'Bears'. For me it was a discovery, how difficult it is to draw comics

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