Signs Your Teen Is Clowning [cartoon]


Talk with your teen. If they admit to being involved in clowning, don't panic. It could be worse, they could be cartooning.

Signs your teen is clowning. Carries pie, no appetite. Bulbous red nose. Thick white make-up* *For thick white make-up, see also 'Is my teen in a black metal band?' Bright colored hair. Loose fitting jumpsuit. Large shoes. Goofy demeanor. Look for unusual items: balloon animals, rubber chickens, unicycles.
Electric eel

@cobmaximus's Contest

This is my entry to @cobmaximus's Steemit webcomics contest. The theme was clowns and I'm glad we all don't have to fit into the same small car. My original idea was "Signs your teen is using Steemit." This is funnier!

Electric eel


Preliminary sketch.
Preliminary sketch.

The winners of the last webcomics contest were sketches, so I didn't bother with ink and bristol board for this entry. However, I did a preliminary sketch of ideas on the train home from work. If the handwriting seems shaky, it's either too much caffeine or the train rocking back and forth. For those trying to read it, we salute you.

Electric eel

Hahaha! That's funny, I love the idea too and the "See black metal band" Nice!

Lol, if you catch your teen cartooning don't panic! There's people that can help. :D

Nice post! I will follow you from now on.