A wizards spell (comic)

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Ah.. What a beautiful salty day, Dlive is leaving steemit and probably is scamming everyone, people on the webtoon community thinks the contest is rigged.. And saltiest of all is that MY PHONE IS LAGGINGG WHILE IM TYPING THIS-



Heya everyone yes.. Joining an another contest cuz.. Why not I have no life LEL. (Not really, I'm just running out of ideas.. And procrastinating on my comic ghost life and actually try to do my homework shehabwhwwg)

Yayy so now I have been making this comic with Maya525 and Aisha (my friends OC or persona).

It kinda has uh.. Dark humor I guess?

And it has a bit of a ehm "offensive" one (not really LOL), but uh, I don't think anyone would notice it XD anyways

Here it is. The comic yaaay.

This is certainly too beautiful of a reaction. I didn't even want to draw the last panel until I thought it was funny to add 525's reaction to it heuheuehue.

And heres the sketching hahaha.

Ye p. This is the beautiful comic. I did this panel by panel I didnt have much progress in the beginning.. Its only in a simple style too soo..

Thats all for me. I'm kinda havin a weird bad day but yah (and no its not because of the contest or whatever its just friend shit sorryyy). Thanks for reading you all ^~^ sweet nightmares!


Wahahaaaa. Lol, cute! Didn't expect making other's lives miserable to fulfill her wish lol! :P

Good twist :)

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Heueheuehe I mean thats how I do it in this world.. I mean she did deliverher promise

I love your crazy sense of humor! And your drawings, too. Keep up with the good work, Maya! 🤗

Thanks trinu! I will!


that is so funny, maya-chan XD i love it ! the expressions are great and your chibi characters are so adorable <3

Aaaaaa thanks spidy senpai XwX aaaaa Im glad you like it very muchhh

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Oh god is that a frickkin plane crashing to a building--- WIZARD NO
Glad you added the last panel it really brings out the destruction of the world

Also if all OCs are ded does that mean pretty much all characters in every media is ded since they're all technically someone's original chracters??? thinking emoji

Also since I'm not involved with the webtoon community, why do peeps think the contest is rigged?


Does this represent the death of media itself?!?!?!

Ah they think its rigged because there are works like Spirits that people support and loved. and then the winners stuff are mediocre and boring and I don't even read the winners comics but the drawings of it are.. Meh

People also think webtoon is messing with the numbers of readers.. I mean that is a possibility but oh well.

Huehuehue... now this post definitely has a Maya feel all over it. What a bad naughty wizard. A good wizard should challenge them to a duel. I like watching wizards fight with each other because I like seeing them waving their wands around XD.  

Yes.. The old maya will be back 1000% with more darkness and edgyness- and Ohhhhh you must like harry potter heueheh

hahaha that's pretty funny, so was she happy about it or not?