Day 9-Walking

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Heya Steemit! I have been away for too long now but now I am back, I have been watching anime and going out to town this days. Anyways I missed all of you, I am gonna show you that I haven't given up on the challenge, here's the entry for day 9.

day9 copy.png

The Draft...

day9 copy1.png

The Process...


day9 copy2.png


day9 copy3.png


day9 copy.png

We can see that @cobmaximus is heading somewhere, what will happen next? Its really good to have a good walk every now and then, I did went to another place that required sea transportation and I was sight seeing like a kid, the travel was very sickening in the ship, got me some pretty hard time with headaches. I walk and walk and walk like there's no tomorrow until when I got home my feet was sore through all that then I suffered some leg cramps, I haven't been going out for almost a month now so I expected that. Seven days have past since I last posted, I am not feeling inspired to draw at that time I have drawn twice this week, I have been having issues in drawing, it will be resolved in time, its just my way of being lazy. I am doing fine I will post my remaining days for the challenge and will get back to reality after. Thanks for dropping by.

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Hi my friend, I’ve been off Steemit myself for a couple of days, not because I didn’t want to draw, it was because I had to babysit. I would really like to know where @cobmaximus is going, here in your comic! Will we get to see in your next comic, you could take him anywhere!
Here’s my dog Toby again, he is saying to the snowman “ Come on, come on throw it!” Blessings ❣️