Steemit Webcomics Funny Comic Strip Contest Week #3 Theme “Kids”

in steemit-webcomics •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hello fellow Steemians, here is my entry for this weeks “Steemit Webcomics Funny Comic Strip Contest Week #3. Theme Kids”.[ Info and Rules Here ] Thank you @cobmaximus for providing this contest! This drawing was done on my IPad Procreate App. Using only the airbrush tool. This contest is a lot of fun. I hope I’ve made you smile 😊.


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Great job @lildebbiecakes :D!! I love the comic, it looks so professional.... and the expression of the old lady is like: I need some patience with this kid haha

Thank you @cobmaximus! I’m glad you liked it. This contest is really fun. I’ve never created comic strips before. Can I ask you is it considered a true comic strip if there’s only one picture? I didn’t know. Your a terrific drawer of comics. I’m looking forward to learning more about this stuff.

uuuhhh well I don't know about the technicalities about a comic strip, but I guess it's still a comic strip :P I would consider it xD.
Aww thanks :) There's still a lot to be learned but for sure I'm improving :)

Haha nice! Wow @lildebbiecakes this is really great!

Hi @renascence thank you! Hope I see your art here, fun to see what you can come up with. I’m back on Steemit again, and I’ll try entering some contests. This ones a lot of fun, so I wanted to do this first. It’s challenging, I had really never tried my hand at comics before so it’s really different. I usually draw or paint things to sell. Hardly ever for just kicks! Peace be with you.

Oh wow! I love this! This will feel right at home as a strip on the newspapers. Amazing work! :D