Steemit Webcomics Funny Comic Strip Contest Week #2 “Clowns”

in steemit-webcomics •  last year  (edited)

Hello fellow Steemians, this is my entry to “Steemit Webcomics Funny Comic Strip Week#2! Well this contest was challenging to say the least. Never created a comic before, and had to think of a joke too. Hope I made you smile 😊. So for doing this comic, I drew it all with my IPad Procreate App. I will use it whenever I possibly can, especially when I want to fill in big areas like this background and floor area. Throughout this entire drawing I used only my airbrush tool.


Thanks for viewing, and thank you @cobmaximus for providing this contest, great fun!


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he laughed so hard that he cracked his pants!!! hahaha get it?? hahaha very funny. I love how crazy the clown is


Now come on that’s funny, he cracked his pants. That’s way funnier than my silly joke wow, love your sense of humor @cobmaximus. I can see this will be my favorite art contest! Coming back with a better joke, well that’s good engagement with your peeps! Gonna go far with this. Keep laughing, and don’t take anything to seriously!


haha I never take stuff seriously, only the horoscope haha jk! I'm very happy to hear that you're enjoying this contest and that you intend to keep participating :D! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun drawing and reading other participants comics :)

Hahaha I love it! This is awesome @lildebbiecakes!


Thank you @renascence! This was fun to do.

Great work! I haven't seen you around for days. I hope your are okay :)


Hi @deemarshall, thank you for your concern. Actually I’ve been away from my computer taking care of my four month old granddaughter who been very sick with pinkeye, ear infection, you name it she’s got it. Now I’ve got her mom home to she’s got the same thing. They all live an hour away. I’ll be back hopefully soon. Thanks Dee.


Poor things to be so ill. I hope everyone is better soon.