Day #6 - 30 Days Drawing Challenge : Toby cool 🕶 beach

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Hello Friends

So here it is day #6 of my (30 Day Drawing Challenge) to draw a comic a day. This fun challenge was created by @cobmaximus and @looserwin , who are two wonderful and talented cartoonist, and comic creators, here on Steemit. They have both allowed me to join them on this challenge, Which is very kind of them. Also on board is @justnyz, another terrifically very talented comic creator also. We four are drawing comics just for fun, and practice. If you don’t use it, you lose it!

Now to talk about the comic, so this here is my real dog Toby. I took a photograph of him with my iPad Procreate App, then I used an airbrush tool to paint around his adorable face, and made this comic. I turned him into a beach bum, surfer dude. The caption reads “ Snoopy has nothing on me.” Toby is talking about the character “Snoopy” a famous dog character from the famous “Charlie Brown” comic. Snoopy plays a character called “Joe Cool” in some of His comics. Joe Cool always poses like Tody is right now. Joe Cool always wears dark round sunglasses like Toby has on. Toby thinks he looks way cooler than Snoopy! I disagree... nothing tops Snoopy, but I’ll let you be the judge on that❣️





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This furry Toby is really cool ! I could also see him surfing on the snow, but it is also true that we would loose him more easily 😃

HA HA 😂 here is a good picture to show you, that he is hard to see in the snow, let alone a white carpet! Thank you friend for stopping by❣️Bless you Luigi

6impffaua4.png Exactly what I meant ! You are the best Miss Debbie ! 😘