MyBrain - Day 3

in #steemit-webcomics5 years ago

Hello hello!

Day 3 of the drawing challenge and my brain is currently...


I thought this challenge would be easy, but I'm wrong!

Is this the effect of the long break?
Well, the challenge is still a good exercise for my brain ;)
Love ya brain <3 be good to me xD

Software Used: Medibang Paint Pro
Graphic Tablet Used: wacom Intous draw




Better get some more creative juices going.

Yeah, I'm already out of creative juices and I'm just starting this challenge, so wish me luck xD

Dear Artist @justnyz ! Do you know the FineArtNow Project ? The Idea of this blog is to bring creative people and art enthusiasts together and to increase the reach of Steemit - Artists ! Become our Friend ! See you soon !

Oh that's really a nice Project.
Is there any more Info about this?

HA HA this comic is hilarious 😂 I love the brain 🧠 sunglasses 🕶 and 🥤 whatever your brains drinking. Hang in there your doing terrific, I’ll cheer you on friend ❣️

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