Light Up Your World - Day 6

in #steemit-webcomics5 years ago

Hello World!

Day 6 of the drawing challenge and I really never
thought I could consistently post this much. xD

Anyways, It's really a challenge for me to make a single panel comic.
@lildebbiecakes knows this and I look up to her single panels cause
they are witty and funny too. That's why I agreed to this challenge
when @looserwin invite me, so that I can practice making one.


It started with a crazy idea but I can't fit it with in
a single panel, so I changed it and end up with a crazier one xD

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Software Used: Medibang Paint Pro
Graphic Tablet Used: wacom Intous draw




Keep up with the challenge! I think @lildebbiecakes is running behind.


I really hope I can keep up, Thanks!

I love your one panel comics @justnyz, I couldn’t be on be on Steemit this whole last , and couldn’t find the time to enter in the challenge, I was bummed ☹️. But I will come and view your comics, upvote and resteem like I will do for @cobmaximus & @looserwin. I’m viewing all your comics, it’s going to take awhile. Thank you so much for your comment on this post about me, your the sweetest friend ❣️Keep up the good work, your doing awsome!!

By the way friend... @sighmanjestah that posted a comment here is my adorable husband if you didn’t know. Sometimes he follows me around giving me a hard time HA HA. We both love your comics, there brilliant ❣️

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