Freeze - Day 7

in #steemit-webcomics5 years ago

Hello Guys!

Guess what?

The first week of the drawing challenge is done!
Three more weeks to go..... :D


I think it was from the movie The Mask. There was a scene
where the police says freeze and he just froze literally.

That's where I got this inspiration and had to draw my own version of it.

That's all for now!
Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed!

Software Used: Medibang Paint Pro
Graphic Tablet Used: wacom Intous draw





Your amazing, I think these one panel comics you have done are so awsome! I hope you have had fun doing them! So I’ve decided to come back into the challenge because @looserwin talked me into it, even though I am seven days behind. @cobmaximus and @looserwin are behind to, so I’m goin to double up on my comic drawings for this week, and then I should be in good shape. I think doing a comic a day is a great exercise for your brain. Here’s a comic I did of my dog that I posted yesterday on my blog, for just kicks. I didn’t enter him into the challenge, but I am today ❣️ By friend

I'm behind like 5 days, since I started late.
And next week some of the days will be a busy and I'm afraid that I can't create on those days.

Thank you!

Oh well friend, It’s just for fun. I never created a comic in my life until I came on Steemit, always realism drawing, so this has been a great journey for me. Comics are more challenging for me because of the joke aspect of it, and it’s good for my brain I believe. I’m realizing I’m becoming addicted to creating them, it makes me laugh. And you guys comics make me laugh, I enjoy you and your personalities very much❣️

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