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RE: Hi my name is: Dave - Issue #2 by @cobmaximus

in #steemit-webcomics2 years ago

hahaha howdy there cobmaximus! this was hilarious, I was laughing as soon as it started. Stache is such a great character and Wonder Stache is pure genius! I loved it, I think it was perfect the way you did it, not too busy, it's simplicity is what made it even more funny to me. lol. I'm still laughing... how long before the next Stache episode is out?


hahaha oh yeah! that's what this comic is all about :D getting laughs out of people :).

Hmmm not sure, I'll be on vacations for a week and then I'll have to draw some after that. Let's say I'll try to have something for the next couple of weeks :)

howdy again cobmaximus! well whenever you make it back it will be fun I'm sure, keep up the good work!

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