Wait For It...

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Hi Fellow Steemian Folks!

This is just a quick one I made on a post-it-note earlier.
I don't have access to my usual tools for comic drawing at the moment but I wanted to submit an entry for this week's webcomic contest by @cobmaximus.

The theme for this week is: Cowboys!

I know, I know! It's really cheesy!
But think about it.. Cheese is made from cow's milk!
Look at that wicked drumming!

Oh, here's a glimpse of the small piece of paper I scribbled on:

Thank you so much for checking this out!

If you'd like to see more of my webcomics, please head over to my steemit blog.

BTW, we have a lot of great artists here who make webcomics!
Please pay a visit to the #steemit-webcomics tag and you'll get to enjoy some pretty cool stories and art!

I also support a very promising project called DCOMIX! Everyone into webcomics would probably love to check it out! Please visit the @dcomix blog and read all about it!

Thank you so much for the support!
Till' next time! :D



Aww thanks for the froggy! 😊
So cute!

hahahaha this one is pretty funny! more so because of the drummer on the back

Lol yup! Imagine him waiting for that right moment all while mrs. Moo was doing labor.

He must have been tired and hungry haha

But he knows it was all worth it! XD

Love it !! (did you know I've started a postitnote hashtag =p ) great use of space!

Oh cool! I'll check that tag out and maybe use it the next time i have a post it post. Thanks 😊

its probablymy the drummer's strong sense of humor that caught my attention hahaha 😂

Hahaha imagine him waiting for hours there just for the right moment to badumtss!

hahaha the timing was perfect I mean who could be so patient just for the badumtss 😀

He just couldn't resist waiting for that perfect moment. ;D

Lol! Thanks for checking this out! 😁

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