At the end of the day.. The kids always win..

in steemit-webcomics •  2 years ago  (edited)

Heyo fellow Steemians!

Just sharing my entry to this webcomic contest by @cobmaximus.

The theme of the current contest is to make a comic strip about kids.
As someone who's been around kids, I've seen them get away with everything! Lol!


[Edit 02/09/2018] I added a border and made some slight changes to the last 3 panels.
[Edit 02/12/2018] Awesome! I won 3rd place! hehehe! Thank you everyone!

If you're interested in seeing more of my webcomics,
please head over to my steemit blog. :D

Thank you for the support!


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lol... I love this... I will have to show it to my wife.
we have an 18month old and sometimes... he is crazy! then when he's asleep we just want to stare at him.

This comic must have really hit the spot! Lol. Thnx for looking friend. Pls feel free to show it to the mrs.

This is true! :) It's our everyday scenario :D

Hehe! Makes everyday life colorful!

Awwww indeed hahha even if sometimes they can be so annoying

Haha. Indeed! They do make life colorful and challenging. Lol.

Hahahha sobrang cute talaga ng comics mo man!

Hehe. Salamat bossing!

love it! the first and second frames are the best lol, spanking the dad with the sword and the crazy eyes of the mom :D!

Haha. Thanks! Anyone would go all crazy eyes with a kid that active! Lol.

cool bro! :)

Haha thnx bro!

Hahahaha this is so true! Good luck with the contest! i hope you win! 😊

Cute. Having raised a couple of kids I can empathise with that

I know right? Lots of parents will probably relate to this. Lol. Thank you for stopping by. :)

Very very very cute, I can relate on this hahaha👶👶👶

Child will make you really crazy. They add wonderful colors in our life.

I'm a fan of your work.

Waiting for the next.👌

Oh wow! Thank you livsky!
Agreed, kids are great. They drive you nuts but still they make life fun.
Thanks for dropping by!

I love it @guri-gure, as always. You never fail to make good, humurous and full of sense webcomics. Keep it up! Proud ohana 😊

Thank you @hundredlbsbeauty! Ohana nanana! :D

Awww! Isn't that the truth!

I know right? Hahaha. Thanks for checking my post out.

wow. good vibes. awesome concept and story.
You really should make your own webcomics. You got tons of cool and fun ideas. Hope you win the contest

Thanks man! I still have some more fun ideas to scribble down. Please stick around. Hehehe.

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