Super Sonic Blaster! [Sam and Ficus] Comic Strip


Ficus has a great imagination, even though he can't see he has such creativity and can make a whole show out of nothing.

He got some toys out and dressed up with a very unique costume of what he wanted to portray. He sure got a little mixed up with it. Hehehe! Take a look at his blaster, nothing more than Sam's hair dryer. Uhm uhm... I don't know how Sam is going to take it if he breaks it or damages it while playing with it.

I guess time will tell. Enjoy your happy creative day Ficus you sure deserve a 10+ this time.



ficus blaster sketch.jpg


ficus blaster ink.jpg

Flat Colors

ficus blaster flat colors.jpg


ficus blaster done.jpg

Comic Strip


Animated Process




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Sam definitely jumping up and down once he found out hehe.. Let's feed ficus some loh mee, then he definitely forgot about his new toy 😝

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Hehehe! Yeah! He will drop it for some Lo-me in 🍜noodles. Thank you for stopping by. @oliviackl

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