Sledding! [ Sam and Ficus] Comic Strip


Sam and Ficus are sliding down a hill. Half way down, Sam gets slung off of it while Ficus was still on it.

He held on to the back slowing down a bit. He was yelling and Ficus didn't understand because he thought Sam was still on the sled with him.

Poor Sam. This adventure wasn't very pleasant for him. Oh well. He is not a quitter, that's for sure. He will try it again and next time they will have an awesome ride.

Thank you for stopping by.


sledding sketch.jpg


sledding ink.jpg

Flat Colors

sledding flat colors.jpg


sledding done.jpg

Comic Strip


Animated Process




Will Sam become‘ The ice man Sam‘ when they finally reached the destination😂?

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Hehehe! Maybe. Poor thing.

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Are you in weku or whaleshares.

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I got account in weku but not active at all.

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Oh I see. I just started there not many people, I notice that.

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Here’s my two favorites, there always having fun, well maybe not so much for Sam like you said. I just remembered something I was going to tell you, my sister in Law has a real “one eyed” cat. He looks awfully strange, but he is very sweet and cuddly. For some reason they named him YODA, and I know Yoda off Star Wars, doesn’t have just one eye.

Hehehe! That's funny. Thank you for stopping by. @lildebbiecakes

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