Ride On! [Mut@nts] Comic Strip

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A beautiful day to go for a ride in the country side. Rudy and Azul are enjoying each others company while having so much fun together.

Azul loves to go places with his friends and this time Rudy is the one up to it. He is excited to go and he got prepared with his boots and goggles.
Nothing like a cowboy though just a plain ole mutant in the country. Hehehe!

Thank you for stopping by.


azul ride sketch.jpg


azul ride ink2.jpg

Flat Colors

azul ride flat colors.jpg


azul ride done.jpg

Comic Strip


Animated Process



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It’s incredible the drawings you do, there’s not one that I don’t absolutely love ❤️. Your in a genius class of your own my friend❣️


Thank you very much! @lildebbiecakes

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