Happy Steemit Aniversary Crittercrats! Lexi and Gino Comic Strip

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Madam Lexi and Gino got back together after the holidays break. The Carnival has been closed because of winter break but the employees meet from time to time to talk about changes and modifications that should be made before opening in the Spring.

Things change constantly and new attractions are always added to keep the visitors coming. New things bring more crowds and larger revenue ensuring and securing the Carnival employees future.

Today is Crittercrats Anniversary here at Steemit. Things have moved smoothly since the first post and your support has been extraordinary. Thanks to those that upvote our posts day by day and leave a message week after week. Thanks to the contest creators because without them, we couldn't grow our blog to this point either.

I hope this new year will bring special rewards to those in need in Critteria and a pair of shoes for Gino Divino. He sure need them badly.


Special Thanks to :

@trincowski Thank you for your support! Love your funny comments. they always bring a smile ☺ @oliviackl hehehe! Thanks for being a fan.
@planet-rium you were the first real follower and the one that broke the ice.
@cryplectibles for your support of our comics being a comic guru yourself, means a lot.
@jtrx99 for your humorous comments and support week after week. ☺
@ediblecthulhu for your kind and wise words.
@lildebbiecakes for you sense of humor and support. @turtledancedaily for believing in this and your unconditional help. @ran.koree for your support and to @blacklux for being a special cookie in this vast jar or possibilities. Thank you for being there.

Thank you for stopping by.


madam lexi n gino sketch.jpg


madam lexi n gino ink.jpg

Flat Colors

madam lexi n gino flat colors.jpg


madam lexi n gino done.jpg

Comic Strip


Animated Process




Happy Anniversary @crittercrats. I always is your fan.. I love your art and the characters with funny convesation. Hope more to come in this year.

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Thank you very much! @oliviackl More to come in this new year. 😀

Yay... Waiting for it.

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The new post is up! 😀

I love how you can make your critters come alive with such cuteness, and I love how your mind works and how you can create such amazing art. I want to thank you for mentioning my name on this post, I’m honored to be your friend @crittercrats and congratulations on your one year anniversary, mine was this last December 25 Christmas ❣️

Thank you for your support always! @littledebbiecakes I appreciate it very much! Congratulations to you too. ☺

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FELICIDADEEEES!! Que sigas creciendo en steemit y que coseches muchos exitos! Feliz steemitversario!

Muchas Gracias! @blacklux Te agradezco toda la ayuda brindada. 😀

Happy Steem Anniversary Critt 🐱🐭!!

Hehehe! Thank you for your support! @jtrx99 😀

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Very cool and funny cartoon. Ahahahha! Many thanks for your work!

Thank you for your funny comments they always make me smile and thank you for your support. I appreciate it very much. @trincowski

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@crittercrats oooh thanks! Love Your works:)

Thank you very much! @planet-rium I appreciate it.

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