Happiness! Comic Strip

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How much would happiness be worth if we gave it a value? I believe it would be very costly and so unreachable that just the elite would be able to afford it. No one else would ever have it and the world would be as dull as a gray scale image. Sadness would be on a daily basis with no hope of ever living.

Happiness is free but at the same time, more valuable than any gemstone. The best thing that can happen to anyone and reachable to everyone without being selective. This is a priceless gift to humanity. One that many would actually want if it were sold because they never had found it even though they are wealthy.

These images represent my vision into this dull world experience if happiness really had a monetary value. A little twist into the question to spark our conscioness into realizing how lucky we are that everyone can equally reach it.

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buy happiness sketch 1.jpg
buy happiness sketch2.jpg
buy happiness sketch3.jpg


buy happiness ink 1.jpg
buy happiness ink2.jpg
buy happiness ink 33.jpg

Flat Colors

buy happiness fcolors 1.jpg
buy happiness fclors2.jpg
buy happiness fcolors 33.jpg


buy happiness done 1.jpg
buy happiness done22.jpg
buy happiness done3.jpg

Comic Strip


Animated Process



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