Gino's New Shoes! [Carnival] Comic Strip

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Gino got a surprise today from some of the guests he hosted throughout the Christmas season. A pay it forward experience for a noble soul that has always gifted others from what he has, even if that means to go without certain things in life.


If you want to read Gino's deeds full post follow link below.

Thanks to his deeds some got a step ahead in life this new year. Enjoy your new shoes Gino you deserve them and more. Your caring deeds encouraged others to do the same because you are a role model to many.

Thank you for stopping by.


ginos new shoes sketch.jpg


ginos new shoes ink.jpg

Flat Colors

ginos new shoes flat colors.jpg


ginos new shoes done.jpg

Comic Strip


Animated Process



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Oh so touched!! Nice one @crittercrats

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Thank you very much! @oliviackl

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