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It was a tense moment for sure...but so much relief when he ate it!

I also learned today from his daddy that the homemade treats might be his favorite now! Which is always great to hear.

I found the recipe while watching a Jenna Marbles video, but if you're curious, here is the recipe! It is super easy, although I found the dough mixture REALLY crumbly...I don't know how you would roll it out with a pin without them breaking, so we ended up patting it down with our hands lol. Would definitely recommend a cookie cutter, but someone in the comments wrote that they scored it into squares, so that's a suggestion too!

We also baked them into circles using a cupcake tin. So. Tons of possibilities.

Now for the before and after!








Have you made any homemade treats for your dog? How did they take to it? If you have any easy recipes, please share below! I'd love to try them out!

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If animal based treat is of interest? Then cut liver into treat-sized (larger than intended as they'll shrink) pieces. Roast at low heat (100-125C, 212-257F) for at least 2 hours. Turn off and leave them in the oven with hatch slightly open for the night. In the morning should be done and ready for use. Store in freezer!

ooo ollie loves meat. I think it might be a little tricky finding liver around here, but I'm sure we can find it if we go looking for it. Thanks for the suggestion!

What a cute comic =). I'm so glad the dog doesn't spit it back out, which sometimes happen with my doggo.
Congratulations on your curie vote ^_^.

hahahaha hilarious! your face all tense trying to keeping it cool

Brilliant. who would say that sharing a daily situation in comic format would be so pleasant to read.
Maybe it's because I like stories with dogs. On the other hand, you shared a splendid recipe. I must definitely try I have never made cookies for my dog

and as an extra you show us the comic process. Just wonderful

That is a very sweet comic with a very lovely story behind it. It is a representation of harmony between human and animal. The boy is so sweet and adorable. Is he your son as the character?

While regular potatoes are not great for dogs, sweet potatoes are excellent. Our dog's favorites are cooked sweet potato chips, basically thin slices of sweet potato baked until they're crispy.

At least Ollie didn't do the thing our dog does when we try to give him new things the first time around. Silly husky will pick it up, chew it a bit, drop it, then rinse and repeat until he finally decides to eat it XD

haha! howdy there from Texas corinneiskorean! Look at that cute comic, I love it! And that recipe does indeed look very good and healthy so I want to try that also, great job.

Thanks for showing us the step-by-step. About how long does a comic like that take you to complete?

That was funny. In fact, I've never cooked any treat specifically for my dog, mainly because I'm not very good at cooking, I do not even cook treats for myself. Although it would be good to try one day, you have put that idea in my head now.

Great job on this comic! Love the doggie you drew, and so glad he liked the treat! Thanks for sharing the smiles & recipe with #steemitbloggers 😊

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For a sec i thought the little boy is trying his mom food on the dog...haha...jokes apart thanks for sharing the comic illustration ...i never had any chance to cook but yes i do offer our home made food to stray dogs and they love them a lot....steem on

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Haha awesome comic and glad your canine compadre enjoyed the treat!

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Haha this made me laugh! My dogs react exactly the same way with new treats, as though they are really are not happy that I am giving them something new! Dogs are so funny :D

Homemade treats!? Such spoiled doggies. lol. I bet those are much more healthy than store bought ones.

This is super adorable, @corinneiskorean !!! i love the tense moment and the result is AWESOME VICTORY !!!!! i am glad your doggo likes your treats ! I would like to make some too for my doggos so thank you for the links to Jenna's place :)

Amazing post~

Congrats for Curie, also <3

Thank you for sharing this little comic, I expected that something happens at the end either dog does not eat it or he will bring it up again. But we were lucky it seems to have enjoyed it. I like the why how you presented your sketch and final version, well built up and really nice comic :)

Have you created this comic when you really baked those cookies? That is great - inspiration from real life :) I like to see the before photos as well.

Now you have to bake a lot of cookies :) I don't have a dog but I know somebody who was cooking herself all meals for her dog as she saw somewhere what is in the dog food and said that she's not going to feed her dog with that stuff. The dog lived 15 or 16 years - not quite sure..

Thank you for sharing! It's an adorable comic.

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