Sketching poses like a noob!

Today I didn't have any real comic idea to draw, so I decided to practice a couple of female poses in particular because the female body is specially difficult to do.

Here's the base I used to practice some poses. Ideally I wanted to do all but didn't have the time to do so, ended up doing just two of them


I started just like the image suggested, drawing a simple sketch. Although I say simple, it's still kinda difficult for me to get the proportions right. For example the body on the left has a REAAALLY big head, and then the rest of the body parts are not proportionally correct... is something I still have to work on.

Then I started drawing the details on top of that but in a separate layer. First I tried to make clean lines but then I just made roguh lines just because I wasn't happy on how the rest of the things were looking.

In any case, you all know that practice makes the master. So as long as we keep practicing this, then we can only get better :D!

And that's all for today

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Until next time!



i think youre off to a great start! I agree the head is a bit big, but since youre drawing digitally, dont be afraid to just lasso around the head and size it down to fix your proportions! but you chose some difficult poses and I think you did rly well for a beginner! anatomy is difficult and im still learning how to improve mine. one thing i would suggest is to rent out some anatomy books so you can rly see how the body parts connect with each other. that way when youre building your figure from the stick figure, you know what shape represents what. this will be important too for your line details. keep it up! im still learning, but id be happy to redline any studies you do in the future!

Thank you very much sensei corinne , I'm forever gratefull for your advices and redlining :O!

You're not alone man. I struggle making poses too. :D

it's a matter of practice practice practice

Haha I can't make poses too, I'd just probably refference them from photos lool

I see why those small desk manequins are helpful! very tough to wrap your mind about imagining all the details of poses

I also have problems to make the skeleton of the drawing and I am so disproportionate that I prefer to draw without them, but without a doubt, by mastering this technique the result is better! Success!

yes, is something you just have to get used to and practice. The first drawings always look weird but the more you pracice the better they end up being

Amazing friend ,now you started drawing with anatomy for picture detail in your comic
That is very nice ,

Yeah but it's still pretty hard to do so, I need to practice more to be able to draw like you :)

Oh man! She's naked! XD
But you're right, practice will make us better!
Poses are hard!

Well sometimes you have to draw naked people hahaha. I want to try next time a anatomic correct pose just like this one, plus a cartonnish pose

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