hey, I heard bad things about venezuela, is it true that your currency is screwed up???The news says so... just want to hear a sentiment from a local...

The currency, health systems, public services, etc... I could spend hours talking about how these idiots ruined the country. You only need to combine ignorant citizens, a corrupt government and things would get ugly.

Tomorrow, a new monetary system will enter which consists of taking 5 zeros from our currency because we have the biggest inflation in the world (or at least one of the largest), but it's not a solution, it only hides reality.

The reality is that inflation hits the Venezuelan wage without mercy. Currently, 1$ is equivalent to more than 7 MILLION bolivars . That's why I'm here, to help my family, as well as many of the Venezuelans who are here.

So, yes. Our currency is screwed up...

that is really terrible... must be a tough time out there... Ill wish for your success... or at least for your survival on the situation.... yeah... for now, lets just wish for survival since that is really something that... its the worse... I dont experience it personally (i mean that terrible inflation) here in ph even though we have inflation too (and its terrible) but how I imagine it is.... its like your country has been nuked but in terms of money...really terrible...

Thank you for your wishes <3

Congrats on winning :)

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