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Hello Steemians, @oendertuerk here.
I will not write much today because not much has happened to Steemit-United. First, I want to use a table to show all the delegators. And here I want to thank all participants again, i appreciate it much.

Member Report

DelegaterDelegationDaily Upvote
@detlev100sp8 cent
@city-of-berlin100sp8 cent
@aydant100sp8 cent
@muratkbesiroglu250sp20 cent
@talaxy250sp20 cent
@city-of-dresden250sp20 cent
@oendertuerk350sp28 cent
@sereze350sp28 cent
@arunava500sp40 cent

*this amounts depends on a normal steem price, for the current vote values you can check the page which is provided by @penguinpablo here

Of course you can also participate with your delegation and will get a daily upvote depending on your delegated sp.

Or you can delegate Steemit-United some sp and support with it a friend of yours with a daily upvote from Steemit-United. Your friend will get an depends on your delegation.

How it works? Easy:

Becoming a member

You can join the Discord and help us with your skillz or support us with your delegations. Developers, Designers, Artists, Musicians, Writer, Photographer, Vlogger, Traveler and what else what you do or can do, come and do it at Steemit-United. Where we will support each other with the healthly growing of together.

What you give, you will get back, in a way

What you give, you will get back.

That is the law of the universe, and steemit is build with this idea. But this soul has been lost lately and it is time to bring it back to the foreground.

My focus will first be on strengthening the Steemit-United account. For this I need your support in the form of steempower. Of course you will get something back for that.

Supporting with Delegations

On steemit you can almost nothing if you do not have steempower. It is important to be able to offer something to the community. and for that steemit-united needs your support.

At the moment the account has 4683 SP. This allows you to delegate a minimum amount of 100 sp and a maximum amount of 500sp. the more the sp of the account increases, the more it will be possible to delegate. This again shows that you can only be strong together.

As i said, every delegator will get something back - so you will get every 24 hours eight times (x8) back what is your delegation worth. This multiplier is much better than every bid-bot on Steemit. They give you only 1.1 - 1.48 times back, what you pay them - depents on the price of Steem.


The Calculation

For example: a minimum of 100sp is worth to 1 cents. This values depents on a normal steem price.

You can check the actually upvote values on the Page which is provided by @penguinpablo:

So let us do the calculation with 100sp. If you delegate Steemit-United 100sp, which is at a normal steem price worth to 1cent, you will get daily 8cent as an upvote on your post back. This is 8 times to what you delegate to Steemit-United and is better than every Upvote-Bot and Bid-Bot on Steemit.

For now, we can only accept up to 400 sp delegations from users. But with more delegations Steemit-United gets, the more will be possible to delegate and that means for you: the more you delegate the more you will get as an daily upvote back.

DelegationDaily Upvote
100 SP8 cent
150 SP12 cent
200 SP16 cent
250 SP20 cent
300 SP24 cent
350 SP28 cent
400 SP32 cent
500 SP40 cent

*this amounts depends on a normal steem price, for the actuall vote values you can check the page which is provided by @penguinpablo here

Join Steemit-United Trail for Curation Rewards

You can also join the trail of Steemit-United and earn some extra SteemPower. For that you can click here and you will be redirected to @mahdiyari's tool Steemauto and Steemit-Uniteds Trail.

Steemit-United Upvote Stats

With the help of @emrebeyler Steemit-United now has a sideaccount named @su-upvote-stats where the daily upvotes are reported once a day. It is running very well and is now a nice addition for upvotes for our members, what is rising step by step. Here I would like to express again my thanks to @emrebeyler. If you remember, he is a Witness, and he has our Witness-vote, not only for his help in this case, but also because he did and do a good job here on the platform. It is definitely worth supporting him. So if you like his work like we do, then show him some love in giving him your Witness-vote.

Steemit Account - - - Discord - - - Curation Trail

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