All Aboard The Steem Train. Day 8. Newton Abbot to Teignmouth

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  • Tips from the Station Master.......
  • Events connected with Steemit..... 
  • Helping the Underprivileged Worldwide.... 
  • Highlights from our Journey Through Devon....



The value of your reputation is shown as a number in brackets after your username in the profile header. It is a measure of how much fellow Steemians value your content.

Everyone starts with a reputation of 25. At present the highest value any Steemian has achieved is approaching 80. It is worthwhile following Steemians with a high reputation (known as whales) as they may resteem one of your posts, which is then shown to all of their followers.

For a summary of hints from the Stationmaster click here 


25-27 May Steem Summer Tickets Palm Beach Florida


@cooking4charity will shortly be posting recipes and cooking videos to raise money for @schoolforsdg4 which is  a school in Bangladesh for underprivileged children. Great initiative. 


Newton Abbot to Teignmouth

 A large historic house near Newton Abbot is Powderham Castle. It is the home of the Courtenay family who have lived in Devon for over 1000 years. It has featured prominently throughout English history particularly during the Civil War. It is well worth a visit.....for more information click here

Map of Devon plotting our journey

The Devon Riviera

Watch this short video showing you Devon's South Coast


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