Steemit Spam Report 8.20.17 | More Spam, Someone with a bigger voting power needs to help!!

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Steemit Spam Update: More Spammers Discovered, Appropriate Actions Taken. Steemians, Take Action! Here are today's findings on the awesome platform of Steemit, with a load of spammers. We need some bigger people helping out with the spam to get rid of them, muting them simply isn't enough.















Note: This @steemvote spam is reoccuring...It seems that @steemvote has multiple accounts and is spamming posts like crazy, this is what it looks like:


Screenshot from 2017-08-20 10:14:46.png

Screenshot from 2017-08-20 22:23:30.png

Screenshot from 2017-08-20 22:22:28.png

Screenshot from 2017-08-20 22:25:49.png

Side note: According to @sherlockholmes' post, there are over 1700+ spam accounts draining the steemit pool. Here is a short excerpt of what he said:

The Findings

"Observing the activities over the past few days I was able to connect a huge network of more than 1700 accounts involved in this industrially scaled farming operation! And the number is still growing!

It will be impossible and boring to describe how I dug into this chronologically, so I shall describe the situation structurally:

There are hundreds and hundreds of accounts doing exactly what I had witnessed in my "Accusation" above. These accounts transfer their rewards over to a few hub-accounts, these accounts then function as an extraction point for the ill-gotten gains, transferring the accumulated money out of the platform."

Excerpt from @sherlockholme's article:

Here are the extraction points

" @imenosblis; @ramoxingfruc; @unbuinibel; @malmbertdorla; @fawealmati; @simphifinking; @findtigeharg; @pidarlambnews

A look at their wallets will show the vast array of accounts sending in money, and it shows they have already successfully extracted 198 SBD.

That doesn't sound like much, but consider this has only been running for roughly 3 weeks, all the gains are only the SBD share of 2 weeks of farming, and with every vote, the SP behind this network grows, exponentially strengthening this operation!"

So, that is also something to keep in mind. We really do need someone with a bigger steem power to downvote these spammers and show them that isn't whats up. I am doing my best to raise awareness to spammers that bug me on my post, so if you want to, flag to oblivion.

-I have hope for my life,family, and friends thanks to steemit-1.png

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The first respon from a post about spam is spam comment. That is just funny, and annoying.
Too sad it is happening in this platform.

I Will do the same if any come to me. Eventough my VP is not big.
Keep it up

Spam on a post about spam, anger!

My girl signed up yesterday and got 5 spam posts on her first blog, ridiculous!

most people are desperate to make it big and fast.. oh well I don't blame them.. after spending few hours to prepare a post and end up having 10 upvotes, 9 of the voters with no voting power and the 1 vote that yields $0.001 is the bigger spam which this system has created.. so those people will try whatever cheatcodes they can use to make it big a bit faster.

followed and upvote you,if you like technology,please follw me....!!!!

Have you even read the post?? My god.