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RE: Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 01 Round 14: Rice Gone Wild

So creative and beautiful looking. That is such a fabulous idea, grinding down the needles. You could start a spice line with this ... though technically they would be herbs. The maple syrup nectar is a wonderful discovery too.

Good to have you back up and posting, HH:) You have been missed:)


Thanks on both counts, @prydefoltz! I've missed being here. Conifer needles are so interesting to eat, one way or another. Their flavors really are different from each other. And that resin flavor is so different than what most folks are used to. Tender, new needles are a lot more acceptable to most people, than the older needles. And some kinds of trees have better flavors than others. But it's like hot sauce, I think. Once you get a taste for it, then step by step, it's on to the stronger stuff, lol. Stronger-tasting conifers and older needles, lol. But that maple syrup in the maple flowers is something that everyone can enjoy! I hope you get to try that yourself!

I like hot sauce. I might be able to harvest some maple flowers from around me:) I would just be worried about eating the wrong kind:)

Any of the maples are OK for eating. Some will have more of a tannin taste as they get older, so they won't taste so good then. If you look at how branches come off of trees (look at the smaller branches first), there are only a few trees that have Opposite branching, where the side branches come off opposite each other, like our arms. You can remember MADHORSE -- Maple, Ash, Dogwood, and Horsechestnut. The maples are the ones with the pairs of winged seeds. Maybe you don't know maple flowers now. But you can find maple trees this summer, from their seeds. And those same trees will be there next spring. That's one nice thing about trees -- they don't move around like a lot of the weeds, lol. ; )

True wisdom right here!

Yeah, I've been watching for those trees to move around. They don't. They do disappear, though. Usually in a truck. In tiny pieces. ; )