WINNERS ANNOUNCED : STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2018 Act 01 Round 05! Check out the winning entries for this fifth round! Congrats everyone!

Greetings lovely foodies of the world of Steemit!

After going through all the amazing entries of round 5 Act 1 of Steemit Iron Chef 2018, I have finally finalized the rankings and the winners are known!!!

In total for this 5th round, I judged 23 different entries which were all validated! Sorry for those who are not respecting the rules where I have to reject the entries!

Don't forget to be sure to get your entry judged by me, make sure to have a link of your entry on the official contest post which is out each Fridays!

Thank you everyone for joining Steemit iron chef as contestants and huge thanks to everyone supporting this contest!

7th place

Congrats @greenland.sicily, you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins!

6th place

Congrats @clweeks, you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins!

5th place

Congrats @chiaandgreen, you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins!

4th place

Congrats @peppe, you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins!

3rd place

Congrats @pusteblume, you win 5SBD, 20 Voiceshares and 30 Skillcoins!

2nd place

Congrats @foodflaneur, you came second and win 8SBD, 25 Voiceshares and 40 Skillcoins!


Making her comeback to the contest for the first time in 2018...big round of applause for the one and only @babettxx!

You did an amazing job on the nuts theme of the 5th round and very well deserved first prize!
Congrats my friend, you win 12SBD, 30 Voiceshares and 50 Skillcoins!!

Act 01 Round 05 Final Standings

So here we are with the final standings for this 5th round! All the points won by the contestants will be added on the league standing which you can find below!


SIC 2018 Act 1 League


This is how the standings are for the Act 1 league after 5 rounds!

  • Bonus points awarded to @globaldoodlegems thanks to her additional 9SBD donation to grow the reward pool!
  • 1 bonus point added to @jorgegp, after that I missed his entry some weeks back!

You can see approx. how much each contestant will make with the reward pool standing at 150SBD for the time being!

The bonus will be shared only after the end of the 15th round of Act 1!


Usual big thanks to @canadian-coconut and @donkeypong for the amazing support you both are giving me on my daily post, which makes it easy for me to gather the amount of SBD prizes of SIC on a weekly basis!
And huge thanks to the sponsors : @voiceshares , @trophy-tokens and @bambam808!!! And not to forget the wonderful @sjennon for the support since the start of this contest!


The SBD made on all my posts will be used for sponsoring the Steemit Iron Chef 2018 season!
Anyone wishing to grow the prizes and be a sponsor of this unique contest, please do let me know!
You are most welcomed!

So voila my friends, 5 rounds already over for this first Act of 2018! In couple of days the 6th round will be closed and we will be already in to the 7th this Friday!

I will start the judging of the 6th round by tomorrow and as usual the new theme will be out on Friday!

Congrats to all the winners again!
Steem On!


Wow!! Amazing posts as usual. Great job everyone!! Congrats to @babettxx and all listed winners.
Thanks @progressivechef to catch up with my miss!!!

You are most welcomed my friend! The level of the contest is keeping up growing to amazing heights! This is just great to see!

Congratulations to all ! beautiful dishes !

Absolutely amazing dishes! It is becoming harder for me each week to choose the top 7! And so many more new foodies joining each week!

congratulations again. all the entries are super. looks very delicious!

Absolutely well said my friend! All were amazing entries!
Thanks for the support!

How can I get involved in this? Looks really fun!

You simply need to check out the contest post which goes out each Friday on my blog, make your entry based on the theme and respect the rules, and you are done!

This is such a big honor for me to place 1st place! Thank you so much @progressivechef! Huge come back, lol! Congrats to all the winners, you made really beautiful, tempting and for sure delicious dishes! :)

This is really an amazing comeback my friend! We all know that you are one of the best foodies on steemit and the work you do is simply great! I know there will be more wins for you coming up!
Congrats again!

Don't embarrass me my friend! :D Great to hear that from You @progressivechef!

Congratulations to all the winners. Well done 🌸💖🌸

Hello my friend! I am so happy to read your comments here on my post! Hope all is well on your side!
Steem On!

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