WINNERS ANNOUNCED : STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2017 WEEK #16!!! Check out the winning entries for the past week! Congratulations to all winners!

Greetings amazing Steemians around the world!

I will start with a big apologize to all contestants of Steemit Iron Chef for my lateness in announcing the winners for round 16!

I am sure most of you who follow me or @steemit-ironchef already know how busy I have been the last 30 days! On top of my limited free time, I took all the time needed to complete the rankings in the best way possible!

So Ladies and Gentlemen...after 4 days delay...the winners are known for the 16th round! In total we had 23 valid entries!

Amazing round as usual with some wonderful creations from our contestants as well as couple of new ones joining which is just great news for the future!

Without losing too much time, let me share the winners with you all!!

5th/6th/7th place

We have 3 contestants scoring the same amount of points and hence share the 5th place!

Congrats @KVT, you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins each!

Congrats @amy-goodrich, you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins each!

Congrats @foodflaneur, you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins each!

4th place

Congrats @haphazard-hstead, you win 1.5SBD, 15 Whaleshares and 20 Skillcoins!

3rd place

Congrats @offoodandart, you win 5SBD, 20 Whaleshares, 20 Voiceshares and 30 Skillcoins!

2nd place

Congrats @foodie.warrior, you came second and win 8SBD, 25 Whaleshares, 25 Voiceshares and 40 Skillcoins!

The Winner

Big round of applause for @jaymorebeet! Congrats my friend, you win 12SBD, 40 Whaleshares, 30 Voiceshares and 50 Skillcoins!


As we have 3 contestants getting to that 5th place, they are all awarded with 4 points for the league!



With only one round left, the top 2 positions are claimed!!! It is confirmed that @offoodanart will finish on the first position and with her win @jaymorebeet will finish second!

The final standings will be out after the last round results!


So here we go, 16 rounds completed and a final one left! Steemit Iron Chef 2017 has been simply an amazing contest and stay tuned for the 2018 season starting soon after the new year break...


Usual big thanks to @canadian-coconut and @donkeypong for the amazing support you are giving me on my daily post, which is vital for the SBD prizes of SIC!
And huge thanks to the sponsors : @akrid, @voiceshares and @bambam808!!!


The SBD made on all my posts is used for sponsoring the Steemit Iron Chef 2017!
Anyone wishing to grow the prizes and be a sponsor of this unique contest, please do let me know!
You are most welcomed!

Thank you and congrats again to all the winners!!!


The quality of the entries never cease to amaze me. <3

What an honor! Thanks so much for your support and for sponsoring this incredible contest! I'm in love with all of the contestants and their creativity and passion for making delicious and beautiful food.

Congrats @jaymorebeet, you nailed it AGAIN!

Congrats on clinching second!!! Skipping this week as I'm busy with guests and am hosting a big dinner on Friday!

Good luck! Looking forward to your entry.

OMG congrats to YOU, all star!! I'll miss your entry. I'm just about to submit mine. Have fun with your guests - as I'm sure you're serving something divine! Can't wait until my invitation arrives :)

You have an open invitation @jaymorebeet! Wouldn't be that so cool if we get together sometime in the future.? You never know ... it could be a possibility!

Congratulations to the winners !

What a nice surprise! Congratulations to everyone -- and @jaymorebeet and @offoodandart for their overall sweep before the last round! There's a lot of good eating over the past 16 weeks -- and beautiful eating, too!

Congrats and thanks so much @haphazard-hstead!!! Can't make an entry this week unfortunately :(. Schedule won't allow it.

Wow, what a great 17 weeks! Thanks for all you've shared. Precious!

It really has been an amazing 17 weeks, for everyone. Consider sitting out round 17 your victory lap, lol. :D

Oh, thanks so much! That's what I needed ... victory lap ... I felt so bad I couldn't make it when I've been present the first 16 weeks. But it was just impossible with my busy schedule that last week. Thanks so much!!!

I'm picturing you like Usain Bolt, holding a flag high in the air, flapping behind you on your victory lap. Except with the Steemit Iron Chef, you will end up at an artistic and beautiful plate of delicious food! ; )

Usain Bolt, ha ha! What a sight that is!

Surf & Turf for all !! (-:

Sweet this contest has been rockin' it. Glad to see that.

Hope all is going great with the restaurant !

Congratulations to all the winners! The prizes are well deserved! 🍾

Congratulations everyone 🌸💖🌸