WINNERS ANNOUNCED : STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2017 WEEK #14!!! Check out the winning entries for the past week! Congratulations to all winners!

Hello world of amazing foodies!

First of all I apologize for the lateness in sending the winners announcement post for week 14! Yesterday was such a busy day for me with double volume of guest in my little bistro that I was just too tired to complete the judging!

So here we are finally I took my decision and the I will share the final rankings for week 14 below!

It has been a great week of contest again where I got to learn so many nice dishes made with mushrooms, thanks everyone for sharing such yummy food!

So without losing too much time, let me share the top 7 and their winnings for week 14!

7th place

Bravo @pusteblume you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins!

6th place

Bravo @haphazard-hstead you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins

5th place

Bravo @globaldoodlegems you win 1.5SBD and 20 Skillcoins

4th place

Bravo @foodie.warrior you win 1.5 SBD, 15 whaleshares and 20 Skillcoins

3rd place

Bravo @jaymorebeet you win 5SBD, 20 whaleshares, 20 voiceshares and 30 skillcoins


Bravo @offoodandart you win 8SBD, 25 whaleshares, 25 voiceshares and 40 skillcoins


Big round of applause for the amazing @foodflaneur for her 3rd win in the contest!

You win 12SBD, 40 Whaleshares, 30 voiceshares and 50 skillcoins!!!




Here is the updated league with the top 20 who will win a share in the pot which is actually at 213SBD!!!


So here we are with 14 rounds already completed my dear friends! 3 more left to go before the end of season one of SIC!

The theme for the 15th round is : ONION


Thank you @canadian-coconut and @donkeypong for the amazing support you are giving me on my daily post, which is vital for the SBD prizes of SIC! Thank you also @sweetsssj!
And huge thanks to the sponsors : @akrid, @voiceshares and @bambam808!!!


The SBD made on all my posts moving forward will be used for sponsoring the Steemit Iron Chef 2017!
Anyone wishing to grow the prizes and be a sponsor of this unique contest, please do let me know!
You are most welcomed!

Thank you and congrats to all the winners!!!


Congrats everyone! Way to make the fungus amongus look so pretty and delicious!

That is soooo cool! I am very very happy about the seventh place in this week's competition! Where is the Tempranillo? 🍷🍷 I want to clink glasses ... 😊
Thank you @progressivechef for the seventh prize! And also I would like to thank @akrid, @voiceshares and @bambam808 for sponsoring this contest!

I will clink with you cheers and congratulations ... I am happy too ...


Congratulations to you! I am happy that the mushroom island won a prize too! It's too amazing!

Great contest! Can anyone enter a submission?

Awesome ... so happy and Congratulations to my cocontestants too !

@progressivechef, you've made this such a happy day for me! I am overjoyed! You've made these last few months very exciting and I look forward to the next few weeks of the contest- also delighted that you're making a 2018 SIC, something to look forward to in the new year! I admire that you're still going ahead with it even after opening a bistro! Hats off to you @progressivechef :-)

Congratulations My Friend @progressivechef
Cheers :)

What a nice surprise! There were so many beautiful mushroom entries! I would like to eat every one of them! And it was fun seeing so many varieties of mushrooms. They are not plants, nor animals -- but their own unique life-form. They are amazing!