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RE: Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 01 Round 14: Rice Gone Wild

mmmmm i love this!!! fantastic idea to pulverize the conifer needles i have tried pine needle tea and just eating the various conifer tips (or brewing beer with them), but never this!! great idea. your meal looks so appetizing to me... i think i'd choose the mushroom one, just because i love mushrooms so much. great tip to braise the rice with butter first. ini does that and i love how it turns out.

have i ever eaten off a rock? i think i have used a rock as a plate before!! haha, love the elemental life style :)


I'm glad you enjoy the conifers! They are so underappreciated and pretty easy for people to identify. And they have their needles for us all year long, lol, whatever the weather. Grinding them makes even older needles easy to use. You already know how each conifer tastes so different, in different stages of growth. They each take on a different personality with salt or with sugar, too. Here's to the conifers -- and the mushrooms and the rocks! :D Happy foraging!