Steemit Ironchef 2018 Act 1 Round 3 - cucumber boats

in steemit-ironchef •  10 months ago

The theme this week is cucumber and I decided to be a bit creative and make some cucumber boats.

Step one is to remove insides leaving just the shell of the cucumber - reserve the insides for the salad
cucumber boats 2.jpeg

Fill with a chunky salsa salad made up of any interesting ingredients
I used parsley for the green, tomato, yellow peppers, olives, feta cheese

My proof photograph

My final product - good enough to eat on a tropical island 😋

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Absolutely well said my friend...great to eat on a tropical island like mine especially!
Your boats looks so tempting!

Your boats look amazing ... awesome and fresh !

Your delicious cucumber boat @leelektrik
Right now I'm going to take it yummy !!!

Yummy - love the idea - looks so good @leelektrik

Ah they look so cute Lee - I would want to keep them - not eat them

Your boats look wonderful @leelektrik and I love the plate you used - looks just like water

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Very cool @leelektrik - ooh just what I feel like now - a nice crunchy salsa salad

Cucumbers, my favorite! I have never made an actual boat with one, really creative.

Lee I'm totally gonna make some of these cucumber boats