Steemit Iron Chef Act 02 #14: Rose Cherry Chia Smoothie

in #steemit-ironchef5 years ago

If I were chillin on a paradise island, I’d want a cool fruit drink in my hand that didn’t take long to make! For this Rose Cherry Chia Smoothie, I blended: Rose water, frozen cherries, frozen banana, aloe leaf, chia seeds, maca powder, Champagne sea salt and vanilla powder, then topped it with grapefruit zest and germinated/dehydrated apricot kernels.

Organic, high raw vegan. Makes you feel sexy.




Makes you feel AND look sexy! 😉
It sounds yummy and refreshing! But I bet it's not only the chia seeds and the fruits that make such an well trained belly! Right?

Looks good! Even if its a bit too complicated for my tastes 😜

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