Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 02 #08: little steamed tea smoked burger sandwich

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Greetings to my fellow steemit readers, sandwich was one of my favourite things to make ever seen I found steemit sandwich contest held by @jaybird. I always took sandwich in a different approach, the non traditional approach, this is one of the ways I could stand out from the crowd. It's been awhile seen I made a sandwich for ssc and for myself too but today thanks to @progressivechef, I once more had the chance to created another awsome sandwich. For this time sandwich, I wanted to keep it visually like a sandwich but the twist is by introducing a Asian twist to it.

steamed tea smoked bun burger sandwich

Smoked Asian flavoured pork patty; rendang sauce(spice and lemongrass sauce); hot and sour sauce; mozzarella slice; Asian cucumber and carrot pickle

what's in it

the steamed and tea smoked bun

Not your usual tasteless steamed bun. To add an extra Asian flavour to the bun, the bun is steamed and then smoked with pu err black team. This will contribute to a mild tea flavour to the bun. What you should expect from the texture of this bun is that is bouncy , light and fluffy in the inside.

To make the bun you will first have to make the dough by combining milk, super fine bread flour, sugar, yeast, salt and butter together and kneed until it's elastic enough and let it rest for 30minute in room temperature . Knock the dough to even out the air pockets In the dough. Portion the dough and roll it in o a ball and let it rest, each ball of dough is portioned at 20gm each. Let the dough double in size which took me 30 minutes. Steam the dough in a steamer for 10 minutes the. Transfer to hot pan filled with tea leaf and smoke the Bun for 10 minutes or until the bun is lightly flavoured with the tea leaf used. Let it cool and it's ready to be used.

smoked Asian flavoured pork patty

Tender, juicy and meaty patty with a nice fermented funk compliment by aromatic garlic, onion and sesame oil. It's has all the necessary taste to make a meaty patty, it's sweet, salty and savoury! Not to forget it ps been smoked to give a extra layer of complex flavour.

The ingredients used in this patty are minced pork shoulder, onion, garlic, sesame oil, sodium nitrate, sugar, salt. I cured this meat mixture for about 4 day to let it fermented sightless before cold smoking it with Apple wood chips . After hours of smoking it's been seared in a hot pan on both side, let it rest for 10 minutes and it's ready to be sandwich between two buns.

rendang sauce( spice and lemongrass sauce)

Also know as Malaysia most popular sauce, we use it for almost any type of meat from chicken to beef to mutton. It's salty, funky, savoury, sweet, and spicy. The o describe the flavour, it has this kinda funky fishy taste from the fermented shrimp paste, and a strong lemongrass flavour which balanced out the fishiness of the fermented shrimp paste.

To make the rendang sauce you must first make the paste by blending onion, garlic, Fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, Galangal, lemon grass. next fry it in oil until fragrant then add Cinnamon stick, Star anise,Cardamon, chili paste ,coconut cream ,tamarind juice, turmeric leaf, lime leaf , Salt, brown sugar. When almost ready add fresh grated coconut flesh and fried shallots.

Asian carrot and cucumber pickle

This pickle not only give refreshness to the palate but it also give a whole new flavour boost to the burger. It's fresh tasting with the clean taste of the cucumber and carrot with a little floral-nutty taste from the honey , sesame oil, and soy sauce mixture. Apart from flavour it does also contributes to the juicy crunchy texture which really gives the burger a whole new exprience in term of a totally different texture.

To make this pickle, you first have to cut thin strips of cucumber and carrot. Prepare the pickling liquid by combining soy sauce, honey and sesame oil. Mix the pickling liquid with the strips of cucumber and carrot and let it pickle for 30minutes.

mozzarella cheese slice

It's not call a sandwich without a slice of cheese, this should add richness, creaminess and milky flavour to the sandwich.

how it's out together

1. Spread a layer of rendang sauce in to the bottom of the bun


2. Place the patty on top


3. Then a slice of cheese


4. Swirl some hot and sour sauce onto the patty


5. Lastly add a healthy amount of pickle ontop of the hot and sour sauce


food porn




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I like that bun you know these burgers look great I like the way the presnetas

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The mini burgers are just too adorable!

Once again you have pretty much come to the next level of food and presentation.

Curious question: How do you time yourself? Because as an iron-chef you got to work under restricted time, yes?



Hahaha it's hard to not be adorable, most small things are just adorable.

Thanks for the compliments, i really do appreciate it.

Yup, in iron chef they do have a time limit of 1hour if not mistaken. This is more like a hobby, i don't keep track of the exact time but it more or less takes an hour.

The food look delicious!!