Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 02 #01: sweet and savoury Japanese dessert

in steemit-ironchef •  10 months ago

Greetings to all my dear readers!
Today for this post, I'll be making a dessert dish as my entry to steemit iron chef. It's been quite awhile since the last steemit ironchef contest, and now is back! I want to thank @progressivechef for taking out his valuable time to organise this contest despite recently taking a busier role in hotel.

i present to you: sweet and savoury Japanese dessert

miso soft serve ice cream; butter cake; crispy sweet dried seaweed; candied ginger; Palm sugar poached yolk; bacon seeds, rasins and nuts muesli; sweet teriyaki sauce

Since this week is all about weird flavour combination, I have the opportunity to excite the usual sweet dessert with savoury ingredients. I strongly believe that sweet and savoury are made to go together. Don't believe me? I'll give you some examples. Savoury fries we pair it with sweet chile sauce! Onions soup, onions are caramelize till sweet and the beef stock, the source for savoury taste. Lastly bacon and maple syrup, pure addiction! Although all these are considered as a main course food or savoury food, I wanted to use the savoury taste in a sweet dessert. This time I choose to go with Japanese flavours.

What's in it

miso soft serve ice cream

Made from sky cream, sugar, miso, egg yolk. It's would contribute as the smooth, rich and velvety mouthfeel to the dish. I choose to used soy cream, mainly because I like the different flavour compound from in these to soy product, one being a fresher flavour another being fermented.

bacon, seeds, raisins and nuts muesli

As the name suggest, it includes rendered bacon fat, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, and raisins. At that moment when I was making the muesli, I only had bacon fat. Knowing that bacon fat brings as much flavour as the meat itself, I rendered it down and cook the Palm sugar in it. This would flavour the sugar. Then I added the rest of the ingredients and mix. To make it extra crunchy, baked it in the oven further more. This element should give crunchy texture and the smoky flavour to the dish.

crispy sweet seaweed chips

Seaweed is natural savoury, Japanese people usually boil them in water to extract out it glutamate content. To make this a savoury sweet element, I simple brush dissolved Palm sugar on the surface of the seaweed then baking it under the water in the sugar evaporate leaving a rocky crunchy texture on the surface.

candied ginger

Ginger, a ingredient useful for cleaning the palate. Apart from that ginger works well with miso and the other Japanese flavours. Having that in mind, I decided to candied it. First I slice the ginger thinly, a thick slice will be quite harsh on the palate. Then I soaked it in Palm sugar water before drying in the oven.

Palm sugar poached egg yolk

To me the yolk flavour really enhance the taste of the whole dish. It gives richness and moisture. Plain yolk can be really weird in a dessert dish, that is why I poach it in a sweet liquid made of Palm sugar. It may seem weird, but if you think of it many dessert do have yolk init, for example creme anglaise.

butter cake

The cake should give a spongy mouthfeel, which will go well with all those creamy element. The flavour of the butter cake should be enhanced by the teriyaki sauce as it absorbs it like a sponge. The butter cake is made from butter, sugar, flour, and vanilla extract.

sweet teriyaki sauce

Having no sauce for a dessert is a disaster. Therefore the best sauce to match all these flavour is obviously teriyaki. I made the teriyaki sauce from sugar, ginger, soy sauce. The tradition tariyaki would include mirin or rice wine, however I have excluded it mainly because I feel that their is too many flavours in the dish already. Having too many flavours can be quite annoying at times , this is my personal peference.

food porn time

Without extra sauce


With extra sauce drizzle on top


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Now this is simply amazing my friend! Really high level entry we got here! Miso ice cream...poached yolk in palm...teriyaki sauce...Wow! Wow!
Perfect weird entry which was super yummy I am sure!

This goes through the roof! Pretty awesome!


Thanks:) much appreciated your support!

This is crazy awesome and right up my alley and even though I don't eat bacon, I understand the flavors and textures you've pieced together. I love sweet and savory. You really hit this one out of the park. Nice plating!


Haha thanks . nice platting eh? Says the queen of vibrant plating!! That’s means a lot to me :)


And THAT means a lot to me!


I shall call u that starting now!


Aww I'm cool with shorty haha.

Oh my word @alansthoughs, I have such a weakness for dessert & also love pairing sweet & savoury, this is an absolutely wonderful entry into steemit-ironchef, good luck!
I really wanted to enter but have been soooo busy, going to try my best to make the deadline!


I would really like to see your entry, so all the best to you!! And also thanks for the amazing support and compliment, I much appreciate it :)

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