Steemit using Star-Power to attract more users?

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Hi dear Steemiters,

People like to know more about stars and stars want to interact with their fans (to get more fans). That's what the entertainment session do in media - media send interviewers to ask some questions from the stars and publish answers.
Here is my idea: if we can get some stars use Steemit, then we allow fans to offer a reward for the star to answer a certain question. Then, fans can upvote if they think the idea is good. If they also want to hear the answer, they can chip in a certain amount. Then, the reward accumulates. After a set time, if the star decide to answer the question, he/ she can take the money and let fans who paid to read the answer.
Fans can also 'tip' their stars when they see good posts from the star. Doing so will certainly attract a great amount of users to Steemit - they may not even have the patient to 'earn' Steem dollars by posting and voting. They may directly invest if they see a good question to ask their stars!

For the stars, they can harvest SD and most important, more interaction with their fans.

If will be good if some of us can persuade Tailor Swift to join, but that is a long shot. We can start with our home town country music star, our bar singer... whoever that has fans! Go and tell them about Steemit and grow our community!


I wonder who the first A list celebrity to join Steemit will be. Apparently Max Keiser has joined, but he hasn't posted anything. I am not sure he is considered an A list celebrity or not...

That is interesting! I guess A-list stars might be more distracted by other things but would love if Max Keiser start blogging!

Regardless of current celebs coming on board, I think it's only a matter of time before there are some "homegrown" Steemit celebs. Most likely people who match knowledge with personality. Gurus who steem for tips. Exciting stuff.

Good point! Look at all the "Youtube Stars!"