It is time for Steemit to categorize its tags or search feature on the "Post" page

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Hi Steemiters~

It is wonderful to see the number of 'tags' or 'topics' are growing in Steemit! I think now is the best time to categorize its tags or have a 'Search' feature on the 'post' page.

Before, we didn't have enough content or topics to them in meaningful categories - Now we do.

Currently, it is confusing for new comers to search for tags since they have to 'search' for the right word. Also, when I submit a story, I have to open another Steemit page and search for the existing tag.

I am worry that if we don't categorize it now (Like Reddit or any news website), we will have too many tags, making the forum confusing. In addition, similar but not identical tags will be created and dilute reader's attention.

What do you think?


I would like to be able to save personal favourite tags, so for example, I can jump to "photography" from the personal menu, without having to type it into the (somewhat inadequate) search box.

Good point! Hope the Steemit team read this!

Good ideas in the OP and replies!

I second this. It'd be nice to be able to filter certain tags as well. Kind of like subscribing and unsubscribing to channels on reddit.