Can Steemit have a foreign languages option to attract MORE USERS?

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Hi Steemit community,
I propose creating a foreign languages option in Steem to attract more users without annoying the current users.

We all want the Steemit community to grow and Steem dollars have more users. The international market is big. For example, Zhihu( a Quora like website) has 17 million users in China. In 2015, China alone has ~30 % of the world's e-business value and still growing in high speed. Also, there are a lot of Bitcoin miners in China. I believe we can attract more Chinese users if we encourage them to post here in Chinese. In fact, I have already seen some Russian posts on Steemit. Russia is another big market.

However, we don't want them just randomly post foreign languages here - this is unfair to English users as they will feel confused and marginalized by pages and pages of foreign language. Tagging is NOT a good option either as the foreign language posts will still show up on everybody's page.

I am thinking maybe an 'option' or 'setting' to allow users to choose their main languages. Of course they should be able to switch back to English if they want. That way, we can attract massive of users from a new market without doing any harm to the existing users. What do you think?




Yes this is a good idea. Whatever way this is implemented, I think it will be a good start to avoid getting posts in other languages on your front page.

Thank you! I heard people complain about seeing other languages. Must be confusing.

Yes! The solution is not that complicated. We need a Post Language function and Language Categories in the navbar.

I was thinking the same since my first language is not english. This will be a great feature and can skyrocket steemit.

Excellent idea! Is anybody working on it?