If You're Wondering How NatEstate (NEST) May Work, Here's How!

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Hello Steemit Community!

If you're just now hearing about the NatEstate (NEST) experiment, the idea of coupling Realestate with Blockchain technology came from @frystikken and @picokernel and was incubated in the SteemSpeak Think Tank run by @frystikken.

I will let Nate provide you all with the specific details of the experiment, but if you find yourself wanting a little more insight on how it may be done the following diagram may help.


Generally speaking, this will work in five phases:

Phase 1- Assets will be issued and funds collected
Phase 2- Funds will be used for the purchase of the house
Phase 3- A development pipeline will be voted on by NEST owners
Phase 4- The house will be sold for at an appreciated value
Phase 5- Nate will use the cash value from selling the property to buy back tokens

This is a diagram outlining the concept and logistics with how this experiment may roll out.

Thanks You and Take Care,
McKenzie Gary


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Great work on the info graphic.


Thank you very much. I think this is an excellent opportunity to learn!


No problem. You were apart of helping with this plan too so thank you ;)

This looks like a really cool project - at this stage, lots of fun. Somehow I feel like there are some dangers and risks lurking in the model though.

Nice presentation. Crazy but awesome plan. Congrats guys. Followed you

Link to purchase tokens?


A link is not available yet. For info on Pre Buy, please talk with @picokernel

There are still middlemen in this scheme. How about having a property blockchain where the blockchain controls the property and users of the property by smart contracts. The value of the property is distributed by tokens so the owners of the tokens have a share of the property.
Fiat costs such as taxes or maintenance could be managed through some kind of income stream coming from the property and managed by the largest holders of the tokens who would likely also own a contract to use the property.

I'm still lost... but I don't care. This is STILL a great idea!